Community members from Island, Ses'khona, Philippi, Greenpoint & KK Section protest for dignified sanitation outside the Cape Town Civic Centre on 31 January 2019.

[PRESS STATEMENT]: CoCT & SAPS’ violence against poor, Black activists is abhorrent & reminiscent of apartheid

On Thursday 31 January 2019 public order police from the South African Police Service (SAPS) once again perpetrated a violent, heavy-handed and unnecessary apartheid-style “dispersal” of poor, Black activists outside the Cape Town Civic Centre. A group of less than 50 peaceful protestors were singing outside the doors of the Civic Centre, some with empty…

SJC activists picket outside the Seapoint SAPS station on 20 July 2018 ahead of the police resources court hearings in August 2018.

Press Statement: A victory to celebrate: Minister Bheki Cele has it right (for now), while the DA has it wrong

The SJC welcomes Minister Cele’s candid admission that poor, Black police precincts across the country (not just those in the Western Cape) are in fact not getting the resources they deserve and need. We also welcome his admission that the solution isn’t necessarily more police, but instead is a rational reallocation of South Africa’s already…

SAPS Police Van

Press statement: Landmark Equality Court judgment in favour of poor, Black communities brutalised by violent crime to be challenged by SAPS

In appealing these declarations the state will only delay the equitable delivery of services to poor, Black people. The Social Justice Coalition (SJC) is angered and disappointed by the decision of the Minister of Police, the National Police Commissioner and the Western Cape Police Commissioner to appeal the Equality Court judgment delivered in favour of…

SJC members march behind a banner highlighting unfair police resourcing between different Cape Town suburbs

Joint SJC and LRC Press Statement: Police Resources Equality Court Case

A victory for poor, Black communities confronted by high rates of contact and violent crime as Court rules that the allocation of police resources by SAPS is unfairly discriminatory On Friday, 14 December 2018, Judge Dolamo of the Equality Court, Western Cape Division, made a ground-breaking judgment (attached) that has considerable consequences for poor, Black…

Police Protest

Press Alert: Police resources judgment to be delivered on 14 December 2018 will have a monumental impact on policing across South Africa

On Friday, 14 December 2018 at 11h30 the Western Cape High Court, sitting as an Equality Court, will deliver judgment in the police resources court case brought by applicants the Social Justice Coalition (SJC), Equal Education (EE) and the Nyanga Community Police Forum (Nyanga CPF). The court will decide  whether the South African Police Service…