The SJC is a democratic, mass-based social movement that campaigns for the advancement of the constitutional rights to life, dignity, equality, freedom and safety for all people, but especially those living in informal settlements across South Africa. JOIN US:


Founded on 16 June 2008, the Social Justice Coalition has built a movement for safety, justice and equality in informal settlements made up of 17 branches and thousands of members.

The SJC uses research, organising, education and advocacy in sustained campaigns for social justice and to challenge power. Using a variety of strategies and tactics, we organise informal settlement residents to build democratic power within poor communities.

Our campaigns

Our campaigns are divided across two programmes. The Safety and Justice Programme campaigns for improved policing and an improved criminal justice system, while the Local Government Programme leads our work on informal settlement services and infrastructure.

Celebrating 10 years of fighting for justice & equality

A decade of the SJC has only been possible because of our members. We have been able to contribute to democracy, civil society and the struggle for human rights because of the tireless work of SJC members whose activism cannot be removed from their lived experiences. In celebrating the SJC, we celebrate every member, community and organisation that has fought the struggle for justice and equality with us. Viva SJC Viva!

Recent News:

A Story of Delays

The SJC, Equal Education and the Nyanga CPF filed papers in the Equality Court to compel the SAPS to reallocate human police resources in an equitable manner that does not discriminate against poor, Black communities. Litigation was a last step after multiple attempts at engaging with the SAPS went unheard. However, SAPS has regularly delayed court proceedings and used state money to impede equality.

Fighting for Justice and Equality!

Towards Dignity & Democratic Power