Police Protest

Press Alert: Police resources judgment to be delivered on 14 December 2018 will have a monumental impact on policing across South Africa

On Friday, 14 December 2018 at 11h30 the Western Cape High Court, sitting as an Equality Court, will deliver judgment in the police resources court case brought by applicants the Social Justice Coalition (SJC), Equal Education (EE) and the Nyanga Community Police Forum (Nyanga CPF). The court will decide  whether the South African Police Service…


A Story of Delays

  A Story of DelaysA tale of a complicated journey of delays and time wasting The SJC, Equal Education and the Nyanga CPF filed papers in the Equality Court to compel the SAPS to reallocate human police resources in an equitable manner that does not discriminate against poor, Black communities. Litigation was a last step…