What is the SJC?

The SJC works to advance the constitutional rights to life, dignity, equality, freedom and safety for all people, but especially those living in informal settlements across South Africa. While these rights are protected and promoted by our Constitution, people do not feel them in their everyday lives. Our campaigns strive to change that reality.

Founded in 2008, the SJC is a grassroots social movement made up of 14 branches, located mainly in informal settlements across Khayelitsha, Cape Town. Our campaigns are based on ongoing research, education, and advocacy and divided across two programmes: The Local Government Programme leads our campaigns on sanitation, budgets, and urban land. The Safety and Justice Programme leads our campaigns on policing and the criminal justice system.

Download our latest Annual Reports here:  2015-16 / 2014-15

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  1. I lived on the same informal Settlement for 46years and just received a low cost housing from the City of Cape Town after being on their DataBase for 17years, the 5th Generation is still growing-up their , even my dad had to live on the same informal Settlement for 57years before he got a rented house from the City of Cape Town, he died/passed on 3years later.

  2. I live in a rented property in Pelican park due to lockdown I fell behind in my rent after trying so hard to make an arrangement with my landlord for payment he has now given me notice. This past weekend my wife and myself went away for the weekend only to find when I got back that he had broken open my door and changed my locks denying me access to all my belongings esp my children school stuff went to police station they said there is nothing they can do

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