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  1. Hi Sarah,

    I trust this email finds you well.

    We have started offering a new program at GVI, Virtual Internships, and we are currently seeking partners. After looking through your website I thought the program may be a good fit for your organisation.

    There are no fees for partner organisations for hosting the interns and there are multiple benefits, including:

    – Receiving pro-bono work for all those tasks you can never quite complete!
    – Building an international network of supporters for your organisation
    – Gain international recognition through our marketing
    – Opportunity to partner with our core programs (paid volunteers & internships)
    – Give your staff members exposure to international students and networks
    – Contributing towards developing someone’s career in your sector

    GVI will provide the intern with training, mentoring and support to reduce the burden on our partners, and supply administrative support to your organisation to help ensure you get the maximum benefit from the program with minimal input. In fact, we are only asking 2 things of you:

    1. Work with GVI staff to identify 10 projects that the interns could support your organisation with. If you don’t have any immediate ideas, don’t worry, we have a long list of potential projects they may be able to help with!

    2. Assign one of your staff to attend 2 x 1 hour Zoom calls with the participant/s to give them context around their project and answer any questions they might have. We set up and facilitate the meeting, you simply need to have a staff member attend to help brief the intern.

    There are also additional opportunities for income for you and/or organisation by hosting our master-classes.

    If this is something you feel your organisation may be interested in, please let me know when you may be free for a 15 minute introductory call with myself.

    Thank you,


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