Design isn’t Just About Shiny Objects: WDC2014 Should Contribute to Development and Dialogue in Cape Town

Cape Town has been awarded the right to host the World Design Capital 2014 (WDC2014) against stiff competition from cities across the planet, in large part because of the Cape Town Partnership’s bold and candid bid. The bid promised to use the year-long event to “deal with the vast imbalances that exist in our society”,…

Khayelitsha civil society organizations call for Premier Zille to appoint Commission of Inquiry into Khayelitsha Police

The Social Justice Coalition (SJC),Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), Free Gender, Equal Education (EE), Triangle Project and Ndifuna Ukwazi submitted a formal legal complaint demanding a Commission of Inquiry into the Khayelitsha criminal justice system. The complaint against SAPS, the Metro Police and their interface with the prosecuting authority and judiciary was prepared by the organisations…

SJC/NU Calls on City of Cape Town to Release Service Delivery Agreements For Contractors Operating In Informal Settlements

The Social Justice Coalition (SJC) has observed that refuse collection in informal settlements is often irregular and of very poor quality. Refuse is often left rotting for days or weeks, contributing to the spread of disease.

All refuse collection for informal settlements in the City of Cape Town is outsourced to private contractors, which in our view limits accountability and recourse. In addition, the provision and maintenance of sanitation services, which are also outsourced, are either non-existent or of a poor quality.

SJC to Queue for Clean & Safe Sanitation

In two weeks time South Africans will celebrate Freedom Day – a day which commemorates seventeen years since we queued patiently to vote in our country’s first democratic elections. Much has changed for the better over this time, but many of our poorest citizens continue to wait for the delivery of basic services to reinforce…

SJC joins picket against increasing State-Sponsored Homophobia in Africa

On 24 January, 2011 members of SJC joined community-based organisations, TAC, Free Gender, Triangle Project among others at the Coalition to End Discrimination demonstration outside of Parliament. The demonstration called for the African Union to immediately end discrimination against the LGBTI community and demanded that the South African government implement further measures to prevent the targeting and harassment of South African lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people.

Makhaza Toilets: Review & The Way Forward

This article appeared in The Cape Times on 27 May 2010.

There was widespread controversy earlier this year when it emerged that 50 households in the low-income settlement of Makhaza (Khayelitsha) had been provided with unenclosed toilets, leaving residents deprived of their rights to health, safety and dignity. The City of Cape Town, governed by the DA, claimed an agreement had been reached with the community. It entailed the commitment to build an external toilet for each home, as opposed to one for every five homes, provided each household built their own enclosures (walls and roofs). However, many were not aware of this arrangement and, in some cases, were unable to afford the material with which to do so, forcing them to use uncovered toilets in full view of the passing public.

SJC Member Stabbed & Robbed In Effort To Relieve Himself

An SJC member and Khayelitsha resident was stabbed in the face on Saturday whilst trying to relieve himself in a clearing alongside the N2 highway.

Makhosandile “Scarre” Qezo, who lives in RR section – an informal settlement in Khayelitsha in which there are approximately 3000 households and only 240 toilets – had walked across Lansdowne Road and was relieving himself behind a bush in the clearing alongside the N2 when two men attacked him.